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2016 Market Index Report Extract

Friday, 24 March 2017

Yachtworld have published their 2016 Market Index report, from which I can forward some of the encouraging information to you, I hope you find it interesting.

The total boats sold (power & sail combined) for the EU 2015 vs 2016 are up from 7,906 to 8,247. The average boat values are €225,767 vs €194,248, average days to sell was 348 vs 344. So although the number of sales are up, the average price is down and the time to sell is also slightly less.

Direct quote from the report on the EU countries:

“In keeping with a general trend, European brokerages enjoyed another year of volume gains, with sales higher by 4 percent compared to 2015. According to YachtWorld member brokerages reporting in SoldBoats, their proprietary database, 8,247 boats were sold. Over the last four years, the total value of boats sales had been rising, too, but experienced a set-back in 2016; sales were 10 percent lower due to a drop in values of boats over 80 feet. Nonetheless, since 2012, overall sales volume was up by more than 1,500 boats and value increased by €245 million. The middle of the market made good volume gains in 2016, with the 36- to 45-foot segment up by 12 percent, with 2,370 boats sold. Boats 46 to 55 feet also sold well, with 857 boats changing hands, a 6 percent increase over 2015. Larger yacht segments sputtered, especially over 80 feet, where sales volume fell from 216 to 176 boats and total value, from €839 million to €609 million.
Powerboat sales had been leading the improving market in recent years, but rose by only 1 percent in 2016, as lower sales in Italy offset growth in France and the U.K. Volume was up significantly, however, compared to sales of 3,595 boats in 2012. The sailboat market had been moving more slowly, but brokers picked up a fair wind in 2016 and sold 3,773 boats, a 9 percent volume gain. Better sales in the U.K. and, to a lesser extent, France and the Netherlands, were responsible.”

Looking at only the UK, the number of boats sold are up in both power & sail categories.
The volume of sales in 2016 increased by 245 boats, erasing the 224-boat decline in 2015. Brokers sold 170 more sailboats and 75 more powerboats and made the greatest volume and value gains selling boats 36 to 55 feet.
Average boat value rose from £52,601 to £54,637.

If you look at individual countries within the EU, they tell a very different story to the UK. For instance, although the number of vessels sold in Spain has gone up, the average days to sale have also risen to 396, well over a year! For just sail boat, the prices have risen by €15,000 and the average days to sale are a whopping 407!
France does better, but the average price for powerboats has declined considerably, whereas the sailboats prices have risen, days to sale 367 overall.
The Netherlands are completely opposite to France, and Italy I’m afraid is doing badly.

Germany is a little interesting because the total number of boats sold is the same for both years, the average price rose very slightly, but the number of days to sale went down by nearly 100 days.

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