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2017 Q2 Market Index Summary

Thursday, 30 November 2017

European Q2 Market Review (Source Yachtworld.com/Boats Group)
The European yacht brokerage market paused on its
otherwise upward path during the second quarter of 2017
with the sale of 2,364 boats reported, 1 percent fewer than in
the second quarter of 2016. Yet the total price paid increased
8 percent during the period, according to YachtWorld
member brokerage reporting in SoldBoats, their proprietary

Powerboat sales declined by 20 boats compared to the
second quarter a year earlier, a drop of 1 percent. The
superyacht segment at 80 feet and longer enjoyed positive
gains, particularly with total price paid increasing from
€162 million to €216 million. The result was a gain for the
powerboat market from €353 million to €388 million. Other
segments experienced lower sales; for example, sales of
boats 56 to 79 feet were down 14 boats, with 131 sold, and
the total price paid dropped by €8 million.
E U R O P E OVERALL SALES    Q2 2016                     Q2 2017

COMBINEDBOATS SOLD              2,379                         2,364

€ OF BOATS SOLD                 €457 MILLION            €494 MILLION

AVG BOATS VALUE                  €192,238                     €209,026
AVG DAYS TO SALE                    347                                   351